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agement of labor — we must conclude that the great majority of cases in

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A Study of Tjtmois of the Bladder, conclusively show

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a pale, almost imperceptible light, — the second, after passing through

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by its possession. I feel strongly that no circumstance could more

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are without interest to the profession at large. The busy prac-

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Lymphatic Infection, in Cancer of the Larynx. — Hy J. N.

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duplicate this case ; and it proves to me, as such cases

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toms — tingling and numbness in fingers. Temperature irregular.

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The name and title of this organization shall be The Ameri-

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Anatomical AppEARA^fCKS. — ^In the milder grades of the diph-

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mace, an onion, 20 Jamaica, and 30 or 40 black peppers, a bunch of

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tus, an active external rotator, are approximated, the origin and insertion

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neuralgic cases and acute rheumatic attacks, and in sudden

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extensively upon them, and so far as I can learn the results were not

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to twelve hours, in respectively two to twelve days after the

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large majority of cases. In some instances the metastatic nodules were

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ure of the knee, and acted like a tell-tale to the compressor.

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Eau Claire J.V.R.Lyman,Eau Claire. H. A. Fulton, Eau Claire.

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liurns. xxxix. Skin Grafting. XL. Boils, etc. xli. Gangrene, etc. XLii. Ulcers. XLiii. Mor-

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tory processes in adjacent glands, especially the prostate. The former

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day ! Because, the surgeons will tell you, the King's malady was

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Etiology and Pathology. — Rickets in its most typical form occurs

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thickening of the capsule and peri-articular tissues, but occasionally

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of his medical friends here, would it, as to his qualifications

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first and most severely affected is not correct. On the contrary,

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berculose. Med. Correspond. Bl. d. Wurtemh. drztl. Landes-

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sound has been a large blister vesicating the whole praecordial

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toms became worse. No tumor found, no pulsation of cord. Death.

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Experience; Board of Directors, Association of Black Cardiologists;

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pressure by chloroform ; and it is perhaps debatable whether this is

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cramping the toes in tight shoes and perching the foot on

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of the Hall. The admission of Miss Garrett, it is well known,

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the skin is, in nearly all cases, sufficient to render the

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Buckner, J. M., Swannanoa, Univ. of N. C, 1908 1909 1912

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