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percha was substituted and found equally efficacious in expanding the

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rhea, retaining a good degree of hearing and the full restoration of vision.

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own distinct, but respective localities, were attacked with, and died of puerperal

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see that these troubles are neither asthma nor migraine ; they are symptoms

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di^notes great daiiger, and if the thermometer indicate an increase to IU8°,

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hereditary or acquired faults, such as alcoholism, hysteria, epi-

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great pain in the right lower portion of his chest, ^

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thus early conveyed, modifying his excesses in the way of eating, drinking,

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0 gepanb, H. B. 10 hig, B. 11 fmejia, B. 13 aenne, H. B.

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are healthy and apparently perfectly normal No family history of

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reason — the thing believed in is, the more firmly

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parativelj' little of acute rhinitis or nasopharyngitis as

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hereditary or acquired faults, such as alcoholism, hysteria, epi-

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means of a pair of bellows; in live minutes aniesthesia

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the general hypertrophy and complete saturation with oil of all the

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slight discoloration of the mucosa. As a rule they heal in from one to

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of the Branch Council for the district in which his school is situated.

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mospheric air induced by it — together with the practical

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inasmuch as they produce diseases which are assigned conven-

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effect of continual in-door life in producing scrofula and consumption,

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form of the disease. The kidneys in persons affected with gout seem to

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as is well known, is a disease occurring mostly in chil-

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turned, and for twenty hours the patient seemed convalescent ; the symp-

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tunity of seeing, metastasis is comparatively rare ui rheumatism,

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laboratory. In almost all regions of the body we closed wounds success-

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sons before me who have any approximate conception of

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Columbia, and built up a large practice besides being surgeon to the

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by the Senior Censor, and are subject to the draft of the Trea-

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Oct. 7, 1905), on the contrary, says it is common, putting

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scrotum swell up, and the skin is so tense^ swollen that an impres*

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were removed in two weeks and a half after the operation, and in

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perchloride of iron may be advantageously 'might be practised, the whole substance of

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The association of granular kidneys with general arterio-

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sion has been such that the entire thickness of the wall is involved, the

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creased the intra-ocular pressure not a little — possibly upon the

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account of some cases from our own practice, illustrative of

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This affection is much more common in the liver, in connection

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reach and sight. When not so the rectum must be explored with vul-

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