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the inflamed conjunctiva are less direct, more tortuous, than are those

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the Naval Hospital has been 26.16 per cent., but in

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of the nose may be placed, although even this latter case may he

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never allowed to drop out of sight by the plaintiff, he described

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Robertson's own experience, the proportion of failures by ex-

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Aberdein, Robert, Syracuse. Head, Adelbert D., Sj-racnse.

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idea and came forth as a somatic disturbance, or an

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IT, S. M. C, Dr. R. Tait McKenzie, and others. jhe first questionnaire sent out by the commit-

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stream infection which combine to form clinical sep-

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inch ; and the shorter, from three to four-eighths ; its thickness is

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particularly affected by the moon has long ceased to

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the medical officer abroad is the chap who will reap

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daily duties, avoiding scientific technicalities, and calling for no

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tonsil may be left and then it is necessary again to

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course of training of six months' duration for vol-

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the separate acini, and a more extensive collection of fat in the

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dren. By R. T. Evanson, M. D., Professor of Medicine,

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antiphlogistic treatment recommended above. Besides a low

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on daily in a multiplicity of ways and its destruc-

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