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Almost all the appearances which the laity, or we as physicians, desig-
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uated Miss Eunice V. Shedd and other colored female
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Therapeutics. To which is added a Medical Formulary. Third edition, thoroughly revised
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disks, is present; the speech is more likely to be sing-song instead of thick
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case, if it were myelitis, it would be located in the dorsal region above
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Grandier was then one of the most remarkable of the clergy
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The volume is full of subjects of current interest. Some
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Apparent Death from a Fall. Place the patient cautiously on a
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upon American ^Medicine, but this was due solely to the men
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bility, which, left to itself, soon3r or later leads to dilata-
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non-specific, it is equally applicable. In chancroidal sores it is, in my opinion, equal
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A Pocket Text-Book of Cuemistrt and Physics. By Wal-
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events, we can try to do so, and by trying intelligently we can reduce
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vein or liver. The wave (b) can only be due to the auricular systole.
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tion, as shown by statistics taken from Simon, which brings us
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mode of reducing dislocation by extension, combined
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■ ■>-> of the rarity of radical cures of tertiary syphilis. — Kdinbunjh
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left arm were broken in two places, and the soft parts bruised from the wrist
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question whether the interolivary tract does not include
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provement often noticed when choreic children are ,
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Ireland, towns which show considerable variety in climatic conditions
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through the medium of water and food, and consequently to differ in
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The patient, H. K., a girl aged 14 years, has been weak and back-
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rean section I performed just previous to the death of the
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The meatd characteristics, in the second stage, arc tho^ of llir ftit
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sumo de substiincias alimeuticias expendidas en los pue.s-
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fistule a I'anus. Gaz. d.hop., Par., 1887, Ix. 521.— JenUs

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