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bookseller of Fleet Street, founder of the great publishing house

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answer. It seems, however, safe to place at the head of the

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taring on the discussion of topics, which, though interest*

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tending from the diaphragm to within an inch of the pubis. It measured

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satisfied him, that one, at least, of the profession, finds chlorosis

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seventy-five patients, and of these a hundred and eight have remained free

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tinuance of the disease in the north-western states. Leprosy

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pair to the Crimea, but his health, always delicate, prevented

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be due to the same infecting agent as the acute form. Flexner suggests

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on this subject, suggested that the effects of nausea in favour-

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fact has been discovered by Dr. Brown-S^quard, which he considers very important.

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was only a small sinus at the lowest point of the wound.

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part of the thigh, of the size of a child's head ; second tumor

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