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for bruises, was a frequent cause of very severe facial erythema.

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that it is always secondary to mania or melancholia. It has been held,

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the terminations of the branching processes of the motor nerve-cells (the

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to excess, raise the question whether they should be considered as

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pensed with, and the flow of liquid is regulated by a

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outline, is then discoverable, it will be seen to be not purely follicular, and

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cover that the patient of this comedy was his grace of

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be caused by alcoholic excess, head injuries, heat-stroke or sun-stroke.

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The subjects are as a rule feeble, often prematurely-born infants ;

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from true pemphigus cases belonging to (i.) bullous syphilide, sometimes

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sions of his medical friends against the apothecaries, is

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persons of small means. Again, an inexperienced operator, or one

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eggs for the same reason ; plug his ears to keep out voices ; barricade bis

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Dermatological Societies of Vienna and Breslau (Archivf. Derm. u. Syph.), Paris (St.

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form pursues its course to the bitter end, alleviated, and in some degree

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1899. — 2. Boeck. "Cutaneous Lesions of Tuberculosis," Arch, fii/r Dermatol, und

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height (for example, 106°, Debove; 109°, Micrzejewski ; 111°, Sciamana;

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past twenty-five years I have seen many hundred cases of craft palsy of

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N^vus lymphaticus (Lymphangiectasis, Lymphoma, Lupus lymphaticus).

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were to become his immediately upon his acceptance of the appointment,

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for the cell count. The presence of red blood cells due to bleeding

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which clinically resembles closely the condition we have just described

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as by its affectionate intercourse with men of genius, one

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the rapidity of production never very great. The labour of writing

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the bitten animal. Later, if after a week or ten days the blood be

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colour is always deeper, or more purple, on the lower limbs than on the

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alcoholism, or some other neurosis, being manifested in the ancestry or

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the Italian observers have filled in the details which circumstances com-

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ences between the " true " keloid, the " cicatricial " keloid, and the

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restrict) the diet till she rejects everything. The latter course may be

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