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blood is dependent upon the state of the circulation, respiration, and the
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direct order from the doctor. In head injuries the nurse must report
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ported by pillows. The top sheet can be passed in under the blankets from
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tetanus bacillus produces during its growth a poison or group of
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characteristic symptoms of any infection are due to toxins ; therefore
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The second period is from 1837 to 1850. France was first attacked ;
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to be diminished. The line of hepatic dulness, long absent, reappears and
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of the irreparable violence done to it in common with the other parts;
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time-honoured adage, "Prevention is better than cure" should be inces-
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be confused with typhus, especially if cases of it were few ; as the relapse
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Surgery and Physiology, by .... . . W. PAaxaa, M.D.
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injudicious on all grounds, although I continually hear of physicians
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in which the lectures are to be given, good success will follow.
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Stilly in the end, real talent will triumph, and true greatness have its
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consist of metal or celluloid, with two layers of wire gauze or perforated
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by introducing the moisture necessary for its development and by wash-
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various kinds we may alter animals to such an extent that they are
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Va.; Mr. L.I)welIe, Augusta, Ga.; S. Mayfield, M.D.Franklin, Tenn.; J. R.
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A dreadful and fatal case of venereal disease, in one instance, was in
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tion in the face, and by subdural inoculation in the opposite half of the
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Med. vol. lii. p. 601. — 66. Neumann. CentraJb. f. klin. Med. 1890, p. 465—67. "Osler.
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tain either that no lotion remains or only the right number of ounces
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vates the mind, and produces a highly pleasurable state of feeling.
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Jacob, medical officer of health for Mid-Surrey, have recorded instances
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the mean winter temperature of Shetland would be only 3°, and that of
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their source, but it is frequently insufficient to explain the cause of
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inflammatory focus, and induce generalised disease.
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Da. JoBiv Jarraiat will deliver a course of Liociures on the Anatomy and Diseaaas of the f^o, at

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