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cod-liver oil. Tiie trial was first made up(m two calves, eight sheep

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apomorphine (under the skin). The latter are accordiugly

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in others the tubercle having certainly been in a state of obsolescence.

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often act favorably. The vomiting following anaesthesia is

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Under 5 years of age, 44 — betweeil 5 and 20 years, -5 — lictwcen 20 and 40 years, 22— be-

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Communications. — Papers have been received from Prof. Thos. D. Mitchell, of Phihulel-

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violent vomiting, in animals capable of the act ; often severe

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safer. Orthoform (see p. 253) is the most comfortable

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resented by the sign I^, a corruption of Q|,, the sign of the

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rheumatism. For this purpose cloths should be soaked in

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turn, and soon after was again confined to his bed. During all

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From this date the improvement was rapid, tlie membrane hang-

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a young man, aged 19 years, he 8n|)pf»sed, from the history of the

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carcinoma ; and in this opinion I was confirmed by Drs. E. II. Clarke

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A neutral body obtained from the volatile oil of Eucalyp-

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tion, there are cases in which there is no transformation into fat, and

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appear. There are giddiness, difficult breathing, and slow

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the second cut at the base of the cone formed by the retraction of

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this reason the alkaloitl is uncertain in its physiological

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sociation inserted at the close of our last week's editorial matter. We

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sarcia, 2 ; premature birth, 47 ; prostate, disease of, 1 ; puerperal dis-

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probable that, as generally held, the recoil of the blood against the

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chique, Fr.; zeitlosensamen, G.; semen colchici, P.G.

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abortion in a way I would gladly have made less personal, it is that

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a great objection to the use of one of the most powerful

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pounds of sodium, containing at least 2.6 per cent., by

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(given by the rectum or under the skin), and strychnine

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lyn ; Author of a Treatise on Military Surgery. Second Edition,

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evidence that the case is not one of poisoning by this drug.

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Derivation. — A solution of sodium carbonate, 150 ; chlo-

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remedy to honored notice, and proved that it would bo often successful when all other

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same direction. I am far from considering that we ought to stop

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Bpotd at tli<; bottom of the crypts, as in old inllammation of those or-

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