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inner surface, and finally getting shed into its cavity, project outwards

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cloth of various colours, and ask me, * What colour

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In this drama, which thus figures in the confines of

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for ever remain an offence to all persons of education and

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and drug laws should be given a mighty impetus. Let

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catalytic powers of nascent nitrogenous coUoids may

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and the point where this line crosses the midline is

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was to no purpose, for "she was n^ne the bettered, but rather grew

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been permanently employed, though some occasional additional temporary

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entirely in their nature, are called physical ; but the attraction which the

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quently seem to begin at or near puberty. Especially is this true of

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in the blood in a peculiar stable solution that is not precipitated by

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be systematically excluded, as in Trinidad, from the diet.

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corpuscles. In many and perhaps in most instances the chill is not followed

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sheath of the nerve. The arrangement will be readily under-

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FiQ. 3.— Extensive encephalomalacia of left cerebral hemisphere from thrombosis of arteiia

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up interesting possibilities in connection with acid

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61 ; a graduate of Amherst College and of Detroit Medical College.

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whether the time now occupied by the student in the acquisition of medical

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parish of St. George, Southwark. Being dissatisfied with the

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Louisiana State Board of Health ten thousand dollars for use in the necessary

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invalid is one by no means easy to settle. This is particularly the

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32 patients have been treated in this way and the lesion healed

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than other men, but, on the contrary, they are more Hable

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The different organs of the Ixxly arc to be interrogated by means ot

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