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ence which results from an immoderate increase of the animal heat, and

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{vide 8), the celebrated Alexandrian physician, a similar

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engagement. Anson " picked out about thirty of his choicest hands

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treated by dilating the cervical canal, this dilata-

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Chief Inspector of Pathology, Bacteriology, and Disinfection.

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of pyaemia ; thrombosis is only a result of this morbid contamination,

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convexity ; out towards the edge, especially where the capsule is absent,

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Fig. !>3.— Slight degree of inspiratory pulse diminution in a child affected with adenoids.

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soundness but still of unsoundness. It has been shown, that

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to my house. He was very tall, chest long and narrow, much

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showed a complete absence of bacilli from the blood or exudations. The

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This liniment should be applied externally and is the best

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Deaths reported 2,500: under five years of age 868; principal

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Digitalis does not hold an important place in the heart weakness of diph-

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A probe passed under the sinus in the cheek showed the upper part

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time to time denounced the " dispensary abuse," but on

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Fowler, E. W., acting assistant surgeon, is relieved from further

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acid may be employed successfully, and this has the advantage that a

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to remove its causes, viz : by cutting the ligature of an artery in which a nerve is

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Physicians having sons or students to send to College would do

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secondary — that is to say, they are dependent on previously existing cir-

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