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' of steam inhalations and the external application of linseed

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minute, and spasmodic, the surface presenting a corrugated appearance. Ten minutes after

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The lilow ol tlu- nii--i!-- i- so rapid ilit- immedi.ite etfc-i t

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brother died of cancer of the liver. The family history is other-

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products of cleavage. Abderhalden originally suggested Schleicher

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A year or so ago the then secretary stated that there

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this, and bearing directly upon the question, I propose to

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Samples and exhaustive literature bearing upon the preparation

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were healthy and ruddy. To repeat, malaria gets into

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comparable to the eruption of herpes of the cornea, at

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saved hundreds of human beings from disease and death,

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in less than a year from the onset (a point by no means easy in all cases to

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stasis arise in the cavernous sinus, as at least in my case took

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cated by indirect or mediate, or, as the author not very happily terms it, by

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membrane was found softened and highly vascular, presenting

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matter. In one run of sections, the posterior horn, the gelatinous substance of

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rious than otherwise. On the twelfth day the use of a collyrium of

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ner, as well as the paper by Dr. Lilly, are very timely and that it would

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loss of thermic and jjainful sensations, while tactile sensation

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pains. Under its action the spasmodically contracted os often relaxes

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tion will find at the edge of the inflamed nail a little

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plete extirpations have also their effect. The results, ac-

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on the general ward or in other areas of the hospital.

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face, and is not frightened when held outside of a window, as is the

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