Duphalac Hinta

diagnosed on post-inortciii examination, the observers have necessarily
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at the Berlin, Munich, and Dresden schools, for an average period of
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the first veterinary practitioners, applied this treatment to the horse,
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Contagious Diseases Act of England should be repealed. Even those
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water with the idea of preventing the access of air to the pleural sur-
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with every form of misconstruction and uiu'eflecting antagonism.
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scapula is nearly equally developed ; and there is a strong metacromion
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59. Granuloma on coronet of stallion (off-side view)
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special meeting was to be devoted entirely to scientific purposes in rela-
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and bronchi ; in some cases pulmonary lesions, such as catarrhal or
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siderable rapidity, remains for some days with slight morning and
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prevailing westerly wind, comes up the channel direct from the Atlantic,,
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discharge, streaked with blood, ran from the right nostril. Mastica-
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At the beginning of the year, the Society numbered seventy members.
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Treatment. — The horse was placed in a box. Every care was taken
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tion of a lymphatic gland in the neck, the base and margins of the
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subject the poetical consideration of which as a younger
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and all the worst symptoms of his case had disappeared. After getting
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standing the objections, he thought there ought to be an element repre-
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its legs, falls to the ground and dies in a state of painful collapse.
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ished motion ; no vocal thrill. On the posterior aspect, the left side
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is freely extended, the stride is of ordinary length, and the joints do not
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by retention of urine; and he died on the 12th instant, with symptoms
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found by accident, buried in a convolution. Unfortunately, its exact
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and of its reform after the war experience of 1866. It conclusively
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The peripheral zone is composed of masses of epithelioid cells separated
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painful, the patient was exercised night and morning. On the first
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A pathological report by Johne comprises a description of all the
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Cloth, size 6 l-d x 9 1-2, 625 pages, 224 lllus 5 00
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for in our profession they have been accepted. It has been part of the
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produced by contraction of the injured valves, or by \'egetations deve-
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The animal was slaughtered. No secondary growths could be
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Wells) to a country house, the scene of the ball in IVaverley, where
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The President called attention to the fact that the Mayor of the

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