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prominent conical snout, which is surrounded by a double row of hooka,
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6 months ; severity, 2. [Eleven sittings ; complete relief of
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the latter a piece of phosphorus, dried with blotting paper, and
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desire to assume, or to retain a recumbent posture.
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' " Responsibility in Mental Disease." International Scientific
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After examination had proved that this was the difficulty, I
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travelled ; the two latter conditions causing the aortic and
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Propranolol hydrochloride (INDERAL® LA): CARDIAC FAILURE. Sympathetic stimu
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his collaborators have revolutionized our ideas of the pathology
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on the 23rd of the same month was declared admitted.
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tubercular disease of the lung. It afi'ects the healthier portions
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When it is remembered that these three hundred miles of
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Smith, Robt. W., Hertford, Univ. of Md., 1892 1892 1918
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saturnine or lead palsy ; and lastly, there is a peculiar
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ing the abdomen, a deposit of fat was observed, and the intes-
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composed of thyroid tissue, are reported. A woman, 50
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iatiMMe who escape, the inoculation does not take place. Of 100 inocu-
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deaths from all causes. Annual ratio per 1, ()()() of tiie
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has avoided that pitfall he is safe. The Pharmaceutical
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the origin of the primary, or seat of the secondary,
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furtively, and passed the time in drinking until midnight,
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face, there appear on the cross-section several longer fine li
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plying its nefarious schemes, with no one to say "nay," In aplte of
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These de Paris, 1889. — 10. Hughes. Guy's Hosp. Rep. 1846, iv. ]>. 360.— 11. HrcHKS
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pend on the vital action of the capillary vessels of that part. It is to
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vital fluid except a foul-mouthed blacksmith, and the first word
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58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64. L. 1843, 44. 18, CaVCndish-
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hetiii spherical. Its contents are almost pearly yellow, and thera is a
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found and after incision an ulcer was discovered and excised. The
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of this disease, the paralysis of a peritonitis may closely simulate a
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punctated red eruption appears on the face and neck, and in ten
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oat the alteraiiousand additions; for, as the author i
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The hypodermic use of Ergotin, 3 to 10 minims 6f the official
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gitant and obstructive mitral lesions, enters into the rationale of dyspnoea in
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tissue " (Luff). These deposits, which are in the crystalline form, give
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essential parts of it, regarded &om another point of view are component
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necessary details of operational planning in order to coordinate

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