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it is believed now to be strictly indicated that all such sup-

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ing the germ ? Does it not, in doses as recommended by those who

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thelium and lie quite free in the blood-debris, sometimes

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In this patient, the return of the skin to its normal

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torate address before the graduating class of the medical de-

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There are occasional instances where the disease is widely spread, or

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in this instance, and in its tenderest part, for every gallon of water

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subtilis. Germination is polar as with anthrax. The organism ig

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resemble our cases. For these the following differen-

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impairment of the nutrition of the entire organ, or

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on the cerebral circulation Avill be found in Bergmann's Monograph on Brain

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Med. Chron.. August, 1910 (referred to in Neurol. Centralbl., 1911, p. 384).

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the present desideratum is to obtain it either directly from

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73 The Relation of the Medical Profession to Education. Wm.

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observers have thought that the young trophozoites might con-

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head and the other in a basin on the floor, and the siphon started.

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upon the heart muscle, but it is much more largely due

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There exists a tract of twelve pages by Dr. Simpson

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of evidence is not in favor of this view even in married women, to say

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ing of the impulses of these stimuli within the central

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Medicine in Oxford Un'versity, England; Honorary Professor of Medicine in Johns

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excepting nitrous oxid ether. Hypnotism should be employed

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the daim made. Although so far we have not been able

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nesota in proportion to the population, we would have five

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that fragments of the worm should have been passed shortly before commencing

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^-r-^^.— '^-.n^^-^-^-^-^^-*— ' r— t^-^-i— '

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