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is the duty of every physician, even if not to employ the
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freely. The catheter was used every day, but still could obtain
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skin gray or somewhat livid from failure of the circulation, and the
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pusdes, and extravasation of plasma and blood into the tubules, or
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3. — Smith reports from one of four medical services of
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treme limit allotted by the Psalmist to life he was gathered, like
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heard between the left scapula and spine at the back. The systolic
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Coverage Issues Appendix, section 50-2; Medicare Carriers Manual (HCFA Pub.
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Now, with all due deference to the teaching of the late Pro-
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subject of cancer information: “Facts of Life for
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tincture gelsemium in large doses, and finally one grain
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of the medical corps of the army have always enjoyed
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ventilated room, with a meddlesome nurse, visitors and other dis-
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more intimate connection with us as Editor will be recognized by all
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that the eye soon learns to recognize the point of best definition, and it
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they should be fully revised ; because he had found,
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nine cases, ten ; and out of his later fifty-one cases, five, died, only
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be emjiloycd. — Medical and Surgical Rejtorter, Dec.
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rheumatic, derivatives, colchicum, alkalies, salicylate, salol, phenacetin,
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exceptional occurrence. There is also more or less erythema present
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tral urine were boiled, a precipitate of normal phosphates
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While the term “peer review services” is not mentioned in their policy, The St. Paul has advised us that their
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stitution of the child. Strong plump children above a year old may be
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the effect of inoculation from one of the pustules,
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eye with correcting lenses. Comment : Patient was under obser-
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as the lack of a foreskin in Jews. He states that, like his
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labour by day and sleep by night.' If he goes on with the
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from 10.22 to 13.56. Comparisons with other countries are not given
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last few days of the 1913 session, the Wisconsin legislature passed
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that the subject is at the same time hemilethargic and hemicataleptic. If

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