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no food may be taken for days; temporary starvation may be of benefit;
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ogy and the functional capacity of the heart diagnosis. The diagnostic
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greater strain and requires, therefore, special effort in the direction
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punctated red eruption appears on the face and neck, and in ten
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that up to 1 and l^ix. They show two points that stain with the usual
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tion varies widely in different persons, and some persons are protected by
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Caution should be exercised when Ceclor is- administered to a
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rent to the tij) of the appendix was a small, firm mass,
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tor. Clause 7 — No payment for re-vaccination, if pre-
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any specific action upon it ; it remains incurable. Every year some new
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by loosening the clothes — e.g., hy undoing a button — or by altering
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that islands of cartilage which were originally connected with the
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worst form of sudden perforation. It must, of course, be
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time, a dose of some safe but active cathartic should
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A comparison of the Finsen light and the x-rays shows
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Although the facts in this particular case do not by
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The precise physiology of the act of stammering has
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surface of the body. In insects it is horny, sometimes hard
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to be an occasional pyogenic agent, and belongs, I take
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on the contrary, succumbs readily to inoculation with the
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of its victims, has not declined further in the past week,
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filled with air, connected by a tube to one side of an absorbing can
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English language is depleted of its adjectival supply. But what means the
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degree of temperature, but a uniformity of temperature, what-
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not the same for all cases of the disease and for all genera of
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estimation of the amount thus excreted has been the only available means
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0 gepanb, H. B. 10 hig, B. 11 fmejia, B. 13 aenne, H. B.
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of cell-free fluid dried on a cover-slip, fixed and stained, invariably

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