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The curious feature of this case is that Beggs should regard it as idiopathic
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chlorosis. The mea.sures of treatment are to be addressed to the associated
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For Regulating and Strengthening the Stomach and Bowels.
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by J)r. Meltzer f Dr. MacCallum closing the discussion.
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Hence it is equally adapted to all cases, in whatever direc-
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viously oiled, and great delicacy be used in the manip-
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do not ask the Council to take action upon them just now. You may, if you please, refer
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of leprosy, that it attacks a very small proportion
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emotional difficulties for those who could not; and counsel for others
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of the ventricles allows us to consider the comatose form of tubercular
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Senior Assistant Physician, City of Glasgow Fever and Phthisis Hospitals,
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the murder of his wife by stabbing her m the neck, the direction of the
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noticed contraction in the little finger at the age of 56 ; this
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ing and profound experiences of his own life, and which he did not
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the back, is frequently seen, all the varieties of this change ha-vdng
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5. Doing away with the heat and glare from the fire-box in-
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but limits his definition to this phrase wathout commenting
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A belief in the personality of the Evil One is amply
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given to the condition of the bowels, the diet, and
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reaction of the individual attacks, or that each rise of temperature
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small-pox does to that disease. The second class is made up of lesions
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enteric fever unconnected with poisonous exhalations. He believed
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ment for this symptom). Scylialous masses in the descending
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stands thirty-two inches high and weighs sixteen pounds.
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of the brain, we muft fufpend our judgment till furtuer invef-
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and exophthalmos made their appearance. In a few days the sight was
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differential diagnosis. Dr. Senn's views are in accord with the ac-
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"Glucose is 120; do you want to give some insulin to bring it to 100?"
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the ball has penetrated the cavity. 4. In every instance
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that, if the " neophyte " is liot guided through the labyrinth
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Opportunities to study the pathology of chyluria have not heen
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given aA pleniun^ and at night an liy])udermic injection of
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