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enlargement, second sounds equal. During the test a definite systolic murmur developed

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death had take ace .0 7 fte difce „ c „ „,,g phjaoto-

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pia arachnoid, and in some cases the underlying cortex and subcortex,

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had, where the catheter had been allowed to remain until the

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ease ; it is, however, universally recognized, and it is not my intention this

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by which new cells are created ceases in the embryonic

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procured some of it, by the method shown to him by M. Bernard, and which he

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pressing the urethra and rectum. It is of much importance

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ether. The evidence presented by Porter is such as to make me believe

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rean section I performed just previous to the death of the

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Statistics of Defectives. — The large number of defectives and unfit

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Holding constantly before one's thoughts the omnipotence

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elected. The next meeting will be held in Harrisburg on

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render the life of the patient one of abject wretchedness and have in some

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therefore acquitted Macdonald and adjudged Gray guilt)- of murder in the

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ordinary catarrhal conjunctivitis, but the itching of the eyeballs

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dents ; the animal, if the etherization were not too pow-

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and often food and diink collect in the trachea, and, not l)eing expelled

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■•'•' Politzer, Diseases of the Ear, 5th ed., 1909. ^^ Toynbee, Diseases of the

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phases of insanity, or regarded them in the same light as out-

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of lime, tincture of iodine, salicylic acid, boric acid, sulphate of

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ing the 30%/20% and substantial financial risk tests.

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>r ■ Ji e, is a proof that the authorities considered that he was the principal if

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whereas, in the latter affection, atrophy of the muscles is the primary event,

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have fits of " holding the breath.'' Respiration is arrested until the face

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