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ules indicating previous attachments ma.v be seen at o. In Fig. 41 the filament

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cholera germ, and on the conditions favourable to its develop-

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and a slight reduction in the size of the carcinoma of the larynx,

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polio-myelitis or cerebro-spinal disease may play when present \>y paralyz-

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more perilous. She is very irregular in her attendance at the

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til January 1, 1887, when he declined a re-election, that he might devote

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alteration, perversion or suppression of certain important functions, precedes the earliest

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The chief phenomenon of shingles is the development of a crop

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intra-uterine fluid-pressure to take direct effect upon

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character has only been one of degree. But I believe there is an essential dif-

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bed, and the tubes, on pressure, yielded an abundanl muco-

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the pancreas that influence its secretion must be responsible for some

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tuberculous, while in the better classes only 0.2% are affected.

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medical education of America physicians were received

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(3) Lupus vulgaris non-exedens ; (1) Lupus syphiliticus ;

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Continental writers recommend the curative treatment of the

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In Cases of Acute, External .and Local Inflammation, or,

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Antitoxin," by Dr. H. M. Biggs ; 2, " The Technique

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well cleaned. When perfectly dry, wet with an egg (if for fry-

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has conducted experiments with a view of determining

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ing, and locomotion and respiration being seriously interfered with, a trocar was

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are crystallized in four words— /r<7z«// isolation;

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There is no question of the existence of differences both in

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has succeeded in more than four-fifths of the cases in which it has

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to discuss various issues of interest at both county and

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wall, spreading over the tonsils and anterior surface of the

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rection of alignment in the lesioned area gives so frequently

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