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made a pause, and though a good many, from want of experi-

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pathological significance of sj-iiipiithetic irritation and its

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of the muscular dystrophy (simple atrophy and atrophy with

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the matter, both to the Spanish and American people, is of such

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tive indistinctness of respiration in the superior portion of the

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myelitis in guinea-pigs. It arose spontaneously, and could be transmitted

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tilled water, having previously immersed the blades in olive

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this fluid be easily and certainly diagnosed. Moreover, in cases of lung or joint

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exposure, and other predisposing causes, and especially avoiding living

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the condition of the wound allow adhesions to form between the dura

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service in enabling the stomach to bear it and in pre-

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sented an unhealthy appearance, then one-third were

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closets, or some form made entirely of earthenware,

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Infectious Disease Conference, second Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Sturgis Building, Room 121

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We should begin, he says, by giving from 10 to 20 drops of

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the world. A glory of romance and a veil of splendour cast a mystic

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and Elapidaj, or cobras; the latter class, the Soleno-

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to embody the results of their work in the form of a

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have a greater tolerance for levulose than for dextrose, and that the

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The distinction between the religious and the ethical

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or tenderness, no nasal discharge, no alteration in the orbital, palatal, or

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the evacuation of it is necessary, lest it corrupt within and cor-

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cation in order that impregnation should take place.

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2 Either 0.1 cc. of a 40 per cent, solution of guinea-pig serum in salt solution or

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ciiiUlnMi. wlietln'r of rural coininunities or cities,

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hardly be hoped that poisonous matter will fail to accamulate about the

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very laxative eiTect of mother's milk and a condition which

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Dr. Braasch presents in this volume the results of his work

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scarcely recollect a single death from that disease ; whilst the only

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hot sponging of the head send the blood to the head,

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ease, except over the bone of the inner table which forms the

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