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pseudotuberculosis of the omentum. Intravenous inoculation gives
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showed that they were distinct types. Similarly, the sera produced
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American Text-Book of Physiology. Edited by W. H. Howell, Ph.D.,
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Present emeritus physicians are : Drs. Samuel Amberg,
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stimulants, such as camphor or musk, are much less effective, and ought
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to the resistance of the portion of tumour remaining on the
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Pain, however, is apt to occur, at times, more or less frequently, during
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Kraukheiten. De itsche Vrtljschr. f. citf. GsndbtspHg.,
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CHEMISTRY, in connection with the above Laboratory.
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cal change, and now we may confidently assert our mastery
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with a raised dirty greenish slough. The liver, kidneys, and spleen were anaemic,
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prominence. After removing the skin, the surface of the muscles is
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purpnsc of remodelling the Medical and sanitary organisation
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1894, V, 302-333.— Prentice (C.) Evolution of the lines
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over the tarsus, especially of the lower lid, there may be
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and the demand for sugar is disturbed : glycamiia gives place to hyper-
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analyzed in 1869. That it has a pathological connection with organic disease
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erary, and full of quotations from authors. While it is a medical history, one
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Medical Societies; Middlesex, Mass., South District Medi-
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The attempt also to refer some cases of jaundice to ^pawn of the
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more permanency in these delegate bodies, that all dele-
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of New IIamp.shire, Scott, of Ohio, Brousou, of Massa-
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as the prospects of accomplisliing much were very slim.
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centrosome, with eight surrounding cliromosomes, around wliich lie another
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Thus far the work done can hardly be considered other than a preliminary
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various phenomena of the skin, generally described as pigmentation areas,
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bring relief. Wine of ipecac (5j) or turpeth mineral (gr. iij-v)
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which penetrate from the pial sheath into the nerve, together
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Fig. 1a. —Faulty method of examining liy lifting pelvis upon spine.
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either may be secondary to pharyngeal diphtheria, or may commence in
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informed me that the “hydraulic seat” helps elimi-
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f&tal sympathy.' Bowman insista chiefly on the intervention of the
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if much amceba-laden discharge persists for a length
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variations, which, although there is commonly a morning remission and
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OLAS SENN M.D., PH.D., LL.D., Professor of Surgery, Rush Medical
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either infiltrated or forming abscesses, the prognosis is extremely unfavorable,
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from hicmoptysis, or from parturition— is that chemist to go ■•'

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