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Dr . John Mart in Pr i nee , Jr . , Dr . Steven R . Pr i nee

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two sides, except as part of a general spasm in which the whole of both

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desiccation — a plausible objection of Virchow's. He affirms, by

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mendations, this report emphasized the desirability

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neutral; soluble in 0.6 part of water and 26 parts of

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It must have been under the influence of this hope, that the Institute

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due to the efforts of Dr. Alonzo Clark that the disease became

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" .T. P., aged 52, was brought dead to King's College Hospital

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surprised on everting the lid to find no indication of her ever having

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LocKWOOD, F.R.C.S. London: Macmillan & Co. Ltd. 1901.

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heredity and previous attacks ; the immediate causes may be physical or

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the fifth is active its centre is hypersemic, in whole or in part,

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stant precursor of — pulmonary tuberculosis. As a rule, only cases with

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rather passed a vote of censure, after full, free, and entire

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a portion of embryonic-tissue may remain unused and

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locality. From the right orifice no such turbid urine was seen. The ureters

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and time-consuming culture methods. The stools are sometimes stained with blood.

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produced no muscular movements, and that the " active spots" on the

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giant-cells. These cells, as is now known, are to be found in the line

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the seventh vertebra. There was no irritation of the spinal

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methods of analysis give no positive evidence for this. In view of the fact that

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the percentage relation of the monamino acids to the latter is about

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that variola ovinse is inoculable, contagious, and infectious, and

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of that disease, tiut erysipelas was not developed in any caac Tbe a

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cardiographic changes correlated with the elevation

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prsevia was found. The hand was passed through both it and the

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from each other and other health services? Truly a monopoly will be the result,

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the brain are present but they are not sufficiently

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stitutional disturbance, besides those of local irritation, are sufficiently

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endorsed by his superiors. If public and professional

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for several days he had been ill and delirious, with considerable

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sunshine with him wheresoever lie went, freely imparting it to all

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