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OLAS SENN M.D., PH.D., LL.D., Professor of Surgery, Rush Medical

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a case of severe heinatemesis due to an ulcer of the stomach,

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by degrees, and finally become of only rare and exceptional occur-

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paralysis of the face on the same side as the lesion with hemiplegia ;m<l

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always commences in early life, and is sometimes congenital

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healing after wounds is, as you know, difficult and often

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time, a dose of some safe but active cathartic should

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ing or sponging oft' will therefore not have the desired effect ;

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only along the lines commonly understood as covering education, but in

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taught an absurd diagnosis, but to them all must close adhere. To

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a precursor of coma. This statement holds gootl in other forms of fever

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vaginal orifice, which was previously gaping and would have

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he has already in the otlice in various combinations. The doctor,

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seen by reference to Table I that the T>^e G organisms in the orig-

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may exist, and yet wine and opium may be given boldly, provided,

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rhea, although these initial symptoms may be entirely absent.

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Gentle pressure by bandaging, when practicable, is often of service. To

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the two first representing the first and second sound, the two

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Dermanyssus Avium at Gallins. — ^These bird and fowl insects are small

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be more than twice the normal thickness, and instead of being an even

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It IS due to the high mortality resulting from a streptococcic

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the act. We should certainly suppose that a clause would have been

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altogether unforeseen, but unavoidable and totally unconnected with the liga-

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was, of course, the circulation; her face was cadaverous; look

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