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Sarsaparilla in Syphilis. — Mr. J. G. Da Cunha, of Bombay,

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in appearance. The ends are rounded. In stained preparations directly

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of engaging as hitherto in calm thought and reasoning. The

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rapid and acute inflammation followed that it was deemed neces-

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reached in the earlier reports of the Bureau concerning the

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and cruel disappointment, but also to pro- disease the name of Huntingdon's Chorea,

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One of these may be given four or five times a day with ad-

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at. each end so as to produce four tails. The piece was next

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luded to, as affording another instance, gratifying, of course, to Dr.

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child having single hare-lip he operated on it two hours after birth, using

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sensible effects upon the head and stomach," he further remarks,

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tension. The involvment of the muscles of mastication and of

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52. Club-like ends of hj-phae fungus, "leeches" 224

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upon the heart. Dr. Stierlin formerly treated such little patients

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delay on the part of the stomach in getting proteids. A rest of from ^ to i hour after

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ants. The surgeon, sitting, or kneeling upon one knee, now makes

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(2) simple pneumonia following colds, and (3) the result of

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upon since her kidney operation for tuber- to inject several guinea-pigs, some abdom-

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the point of the finger in the passage of the ear, and read aloud the

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a few cases the local lesion persisted a considerable length of

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as Buffalo Lithia Water. It acts better than any extemporaneous solution of the lithia salts,

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tion lies at the basis of all the morbid phenomena of the organic

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nection with the spleen was evident, but it required several exam-

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