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flower, all other flowering plants being called unisexual or diclinous.
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webmd cephalexin and alcohol
cephalexin monohydrate prophylactically
for Hospitals. Following enactment of this legislation
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can cephalexin be bought over the counter
J.; Liton, S. S., and Wangensteen, O. H.; Length of Afferent
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3. Oleum sulphuraium. Sulphuretted oil, formerly termed simple
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3. The duplicate qtmrtan, consisting of a single quartan, with two
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O'VAL or ELLI'PTICAL SKULL Under this name Dr. Prichard
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5. Palato-salpingeus. A designation of the circumflexus palati i
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1. ALdehydic or Acetous acid \s from aldehyd, and may bo
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PI'LINE {pilus, a hair). ImpermeaJde spongio-piline. A kind of
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I aqueous fluid which distils along with its acid. In its physical and
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effects of alcohol on keflex
2)efinite Volumes. The union of gases is always effected in simple
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keflex a form of amoxicillin
MUCUS {pv^a, the mucus of the nostrils). The more or less •
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substances, as hardened fieces, concretions having for their nuclei gall-
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A'STHMA (derd^d^u), to breatlie heavily). Dyspneea occun-ing in
keflex and vaginitis
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cochineal, and obtained by the action of potash upon albumen, fibrin,
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elements; a notion founded on an ancient doctrine of four qualities,
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Authors distinguish the common chorea of Sydenham as chorea minor,
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IMPETI'GO (tw/jeierc, to attack). Ehpgesis impetigo; Psgdracia.
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of St. Anthony to cure it; and the Hose, from the colour of the skin.
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HOSPITAL GANGRENE. Gangresna nosnconiiorum. “Slough-
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ACTl'NOGRAPH (dKTi's, a sun-beam, ypacpw, to describe). An
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prick over the skin about the rectum and the labia.
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Eudy, M.D., Eminence; T. W. Cotton, M.D., Van Buren;
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thinks the term is sometimes synonymous with " tetter.” Dry scall is
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term expressing generally the arrangement of flowers upon a stem or
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Patent binders for the Reporter, each lettered on the
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terial forces of the host. When the etiologic organ-
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blanc-mange. It contains fatty matter in a molecular state.
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the most interesting anorectal syndromes that chal-
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Make into six powders, and give all of them in divided
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Greek term denotes rather a tumor of the parotid gland. The ducts of
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may be conveniently replaced by the term proctitis (from irpwKTOi,

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