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sick-rooms, candles are used. There is no artificial

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Louis Med. Soc, Jan. 17] <X. York M. J. (1276), v. 77 (20), May 16, pp.

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the papillse themselves. Auspitz pointed out that it is not the papillae

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Stimulants and tonics, are sometimes required, though I be-

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immediately concerned. We cannot hide from ourselves that

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cific growths of syphilis, lupus, elephantiasis Graecorum, and farcy, because

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TnosE who listened to the debate at the Pathological Society

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cicatrix forms, which, upon, contraction, produces various de-

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is constantly subjected to the same laws of cooling as all other heated solids,

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Brumpt's experiments in 1904 on the sporogony of H. bagensis in the leech

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as a nucleus so large as to be voided only with colic or remain to become

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It consists of a rubber-catheter tubing, equal in calibre to

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Persistence of the Arterial Duct and its Diagnosis.— G. A.

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tubercle as reinfection, human tubercle in the chicken

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fistula alone, other evil results, besides the inconveni-

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show traces of albumen, blood corpuscles and a few casts^

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be a greater activity of oxygenation, and this has been con-

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same age and size. The following day five of these animals were heated for 5

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erroneously trace this bundle to the occipital lobes, in

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nils of the abdomen becoming attenuated by distension, and rupture

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and internal surfaces of the brain intensely loaded

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in which 20-grain doses every three or four hours were given from

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ner of carrying on the movement toward improved forms of med-

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no doubt very slow, gentle, and minute, but they are not such as

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boy : The patient, Edward G., aged 15, as an infant, was quite

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the ignorance of ancient, or the neglect of recent times, have been

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not regret a resort to it. I believe the application of the mechanical

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opened a cavity in the prostate, from which black thick

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be termed, is insufficient ; and in animals fed upon rich food, par-

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