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polyneuritis with Korshkow's syndrome later evolving into chron-

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irritation in the nose, roof of the mouth, and soft palate, of a

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rooms for electrical treatment, and examining rooms which

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ually, as a better knowledge of this agency was obtained, its

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The report of the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Hospital

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Stock vaccines are used to a great extent, as the infecting

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or another victims to professional fidelity, to continue their studies.

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The anatomical basis of syphilis is an infectious granuloma-

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larger rhythm — the so-called digestive rhythm, comes on some hours after

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powder" vintage. It must have in connection with its medical wards

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the lactic acid of the body as to prevent the production of these

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was the first official report presented to the Society by the Hering Laboratory.

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amongst those attending old school colleges. Not only has there

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by twelve pounds, and today he believes fully that all work and no

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Pathology and Bacteriology of the Eye. Collins & Mayou. $4.00. P.

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should show a test for iodine. Different preparations of Spongia, obtained

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quested and could do the same for colors. She could write neither from

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would be that a large number of young men in our Province would strive to reach an Arts

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