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determine the size and frequency of the dose. Whisky is best admin-

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repeated and published for circulation amongst the uiiwashcd and care-

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The pain is severe, lancinating, ami aggravated by deep breathing. It is

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Their clinical observations have led them to the following

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what has been called by Cannon and Carlson the "tonus contractions"

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narsemia; delirium, of a passive kind, is not uncommon, together with

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sources — among others from my friends Drs. Marmorek and Roger — failed

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cells, with only an occasional smaller cell here and there. I assume that

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cyclosporine. Successful results were limited, however. The

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The father developed leprosy five years after this boy

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be able to give to the West a great medical school.

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his bed. He had developed a destructive tendency, and

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of granulated cork, mixed with mineral asphalt and other co-

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The meat is perfectly wholesome and tolerably palata-

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love of natural liistory, and commenced collecting the fauna

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cervical region, least marked in the lumbar, and not affecting any except

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Ala., to Key West, Fla., for temporary duty, upon com-

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power of accurate and rapid discrimination. It was also found

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hot and cold applications. The forms of local treatment might

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ages. There was great difficulty in the operation, on

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deposit of uric acid in agglomerations of flat, beautifully crystalline plates.

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this spot, as it is here less sensitive than elsewhere.

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which is the subject of this paper is a good example,

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London Medical Journals. — 91. Clin. Soc. Antitoxin Committee's Report, 1898. — 92.

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received his premedical, medical, and post graduate

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first stage, eleven hours and eleven minutes ; for the second

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depressions. A longitudinal section from right to left, through

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his name the words or letters “doctor,” “Dr.,”

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Ao means so disagreeable as that experienced on entering into a cold bath. In

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