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and who are as much bound to keep these private pas-

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Treatment. — Of first importance is the removal of the cause, and small

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in the thirteenth chapter of Leviticus does not mean leprosy, as

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fined, it rears and plunges, and fits are so violent that it is often

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are much broadened and the apex-beat covers an increased area, the exteotiaa

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emergency; and this act shall not apply to commissioned surgeons of the

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(J. M.) Absence of motor areas in the brain of an epilep-

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round cells and no inter-cellular substance is seen. The miliary tuber-

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cean, boring their way between the ventral plates until they get into the .

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marshes, and the protection of river lands from overflow. — Boletin del Cau-

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or three grains, three times a day ; or such other treatment as is suitable

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the right hand from the forceps and with it support the

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tre, 30 agosto, pp. 2000-2001 (i. e. 1100-1101). [W°^.]

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mercury; the portal system is drained, the water from the

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if it does agglutinate the micrococci it does this in no uncertain way.

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panies cerebral activity.* No doubt many cases of disorder and

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4th did not consult a physician; 2d, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, no precursory symptoms;

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A normal solution contains as many grams of the drug per

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good of the discharges after delivery, but let it be so or

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acquire a knowledge of his wants, of the relations of exterior,

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to prevent me going away. I gave him 0.02 gm. of morphin by

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within twenty to thirty hours after inoculation. By drying the

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For heating larger animals, such as rats or guinea pigs, a wooden

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would be more likely to enter the abdominal cavity in Sims' position,

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is just as necessary in a gland cell as it is in that of a muscle.

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The 12th and 13th cafes rank under the third head. In com-

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at night. Usually, there is also a burning sensation

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Galbiati's knife I should think that there is little

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some hours after the tetanus-toxin had been adminis-

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physician desires in order to allow the patient addi-

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