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(2) the danger of interference with the respiration and cir-
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)f flour fell with him and covered him. Nothing was known of the accident,
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over two months before consulting me he had been obliged to give up work on
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saying that the scarcity of supplies of bacon hogs precludes their dis-
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tumours, aneurysm of the internal carotid artery) ; in the Gasserian ganglion
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Thus, the disease has been attributed to the following causes: alcoholism
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sation as of several leeches biting the' part is felt, and
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small deposit of uric acid ; the specific gravity was 27 3 . There
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tion, — was not esteemed by the most authoritative
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to this view. The experiments of Eenton and Madge Kobertson in this
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the goal of all our efforts. It is good to cure disease, it is
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arm (Fisher) ; and in five there was no affection of sensation. Of six
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Many of the distressing symptoms, which are by no means the
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return to school without a written permit from him.
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ble work on Genito-Urinary Surgery of Van Buren and Keyes, which, in our
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museum of the Royal College of Surgeons is a beautiful specimen
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rises rapidly. This rise, whioh begins even before the chill, reaches
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Trb rahflcriber conUnues to receive medical papUs at the, United Btatea Marine Hoepltal, Clielaea,
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sition reacts against the head with the same power that it is com-
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and destroying such exhalations and poisons, Avhich may
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subject, without any serious local reaction or after-effects.
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without the presence of any fluid. This is negative
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have the hearty support of all — and their name is
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In these cases the cause of survival is found in the hypertrophy of a small
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in prison for refusing support. She was greatly distressed by this in-
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evidence of sterility. At least one woman had surgical
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consideration in view of the splendid results which
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Statistics of Defectives. — The large number of defectives and unfit
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tient may have tea or coffee, and an egg-cake made as
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on with the aid which I havt described. It was gratifying
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morning of the l.uh. From this time he remained free from them. At the visit he

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