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Duluth physician, was honored as the twenty-fifth per-
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to him, in a great measure, are due its highly satisfac-
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and thinks tliis circumstance alone may betray an inflammation of the lungs.
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stood at 4I°.8 C, 107°.3 F., showing a rise during this time, of 0°.8 C ; the temperature of
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the thirtieth year. Home and Alison agree in the remark that " in
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In some of these robust psoriatics the "supernormal"
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of the mooted points connected with this domain of renal
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more extensive becomes the thrombosis of all the vessels which
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about the most excellent paper of Dr. Lewis. While he had a great deal in
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which follows the decompression. Taken alone this symptom cannot
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clinical knowledge into a clinical focus so that we were
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heard between the left scapula and spine at the back. The systolic
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puscles were seen, but no casts and n« crystals. The urea
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not frequent; hemiplegia is a very common result of the attack; there
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their part to make the Sledical authorities discharge the duties-
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the voice, the other is merely the result of the passage of air through the
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kunde. Centralhl. f. prakt. Augenh., Leipz., 1899, xxiii,
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direction of my own form, diminished in the course of time, and was
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adverting to a case of very chronic strumous disease of the meta-
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smallpox in a greatly modified form. At the present day there appear
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the thigh just a little to the inside of the crease
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advised the immediate removal of the tumour, the child being strong
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He proposed, nevertheless, to continue his work with the data submitted that
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• Virehow's Arch., 1868. vol. xli, p. 505. f Anat. Pathol., vol. ii, p. 445.
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rexia, exceedingly poor assimilation, and diarrhoea united to
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protect the underlying branches from the extension to them of accidental
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halation of steam alone ; but there is no doubt that
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easily understood, I hope they will be considered by those
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