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period the incised corneal epithelium is gaping and the corneal spaces contain
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plishments. The results must be disastrous to profes-
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it from enlarging? In all probability it will not, for this fibrin is
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protruded omentum have been left to strangulate and slough away,
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Therefore, on June 19, 1888, the external carotids w'ere li-
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American Disease. The use of the imported Hoff 's Malt Extract, Tarrant's, in cases
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severe pain in the left hypochrondium, (not deep seated, nor yet in
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ease; the nature of their remedies and the success of their practice.
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loses infinitely small portions of his remaining power to
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and well illustrated. To state that the following se(-tion
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selected blood donors (P< .001). Although different labora-
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go to the extreme of advising an operation as soon as
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of life common among Europeans in tropical climates are causal factors.
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carbohydrates in excess, and esj)ecially sugar, or vegetable
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hospital on October 6, 1912. She was in her third preg-
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1894, on the eve of debarcation, at a time when, in con-
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gard it as a fair specimen of a treatise on the special action of
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experience has shown that laying open the peritoneal cavity is not attended
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processes have not been accurately measured. Owing to
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of their experience as to its therapeutical ance as any body," said Smith, " but, never-
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he got the laryngitis, a very peculiar change took place ; the laryngeal
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the external meatus; the ossicula, and the pyramid. The most
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fairness the Council should give me the committee if they refuse to accept my word for the
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tics, or more inscrutable causes, have remained in a scanda-
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side at this time, with her abdominal wall relaxed and
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Fluid. — Dr. William Browning, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,

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