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ances constitute an important part of the morbid group, there is, as

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bring forward evidence of the deleterious action of alcohol on the

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opening of doors during the process. There is also another very

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incision was made by a sharp scalpel in the inverted

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patient that it is useless for him to go to a sanatorium, but it is far

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The mucous tissues reddened or darkened by chronic inflam-

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able. In a hospital this objection does not have that

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Abbe of New York City, Attending Surgeon St. Luke's Hospital.

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three paroxysms before he began the treatment. Dr. Lichtheim gave, at the com-

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present one the whole will form a valuable series in any sur-

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coloured and almost black for about two-thirds of their length (36a).

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tioners the occurrence of purulent ophthalmia in children whose

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exceeded the normoblasts and presented peculiarities as to staining. It was

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is the center of the nervous system, and is situated in the cranial

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organ, which now lies before you, never was sugar, and the impression was becoming

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ter from those of true epilepsy, and they are not, as a rule, followed by

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says, " has the operation, if properly performed, been

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twenty -four hours ; or a tumblerful of a weak infusion of

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occurring secondary to a sarcoma in the eye. This case

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diseases which our art does not cure. There are few

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for about f in., after which the penis was pulled up and bent back over

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both pupils, and ocular palsies. He reported at length

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The different millets are largely used as food. Maize is a very

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