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close interpleural adhesions drew the heart upwards,

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He finds that the lateral columns in the dorsal region take an

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lost weight rapidly. The skin was in folds and there was a

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find this to act better if at the same time the mouth is kept widely

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confined to exact proof. We overlook any error in consideration of

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would make some observations on the raving and sleeplessness

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causes are considerably diminished. Nevertheless, as Dr. Hunter long ago

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organs. The parts most frequently involved are the spleen, liver, kidneys,

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not, however, per se either dangerous to life or health. Independent of the

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obtained, selecting the lowest percentages given, there would have

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recovery took place rapidly without any rise of temperature.

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there is found neither albumin nor casts. 4. Urea is

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read by Dr. Adeline Portman, of Washington. This paper was dis-

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a low ebb that the aneurism remains nearly empty. If the disease

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The majority of my recorded cases having been lioi^-

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Enfant de onze Ans, Bullet, m^., 1« avril, 1894, p. 809. Hoppe-Seyler, Affections de

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when the child is lying down this secretion cannot escape by these means, and

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and leaving the catheter remain, an infusion, made by

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into the veins of amyl nitrite, to overcome arterial

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acute inflammation are yet traceable in the heart. Before they

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The face resembles a wax mask, and the natural orifices undergo marked

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