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It should not be forgotten that the deadly "bubonic plague" is

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hold its regular semiannual meeting at Hosach Hall, New York

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matter at all that she should be later than fourteen. So long as

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The deceased was 32 years old. His countenance pale. The

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in the results obtained by these two procedures, one

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needed. Greenlanders, whose country is always covered with ice and

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eration. Some of these wqre suitable to treatment by as-

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santonin, of which from one to three grains may be given

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deductions on the problems of nutrition. Current notions regarding the

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(G. \V.) Tbe formation and early jrrowtb of ibe bones of j

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The rate of growth of the tumors was judged from curves repre-

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tliey any clinical historj^ Avhich can tell us ? Assuredly tliey

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fore advise that, as a rule, the bone when detached in any of the

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all the lobes are affected. The bronchial lesions themselves are of t\o

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not at all upon ordinary media. The methods in use, therefore, are

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heard loudest at the apex, and is not prolonged along the course of the great vessels ;

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flagration, depending upon the amount of vegetable growth, its distribu-

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ington Counties — from which he has kindly permitted me

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to the cervix uteri several times a day, by means of a piece of sponge

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Male: mildly feebleminded, with a pathological temper;

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alternately for twelve hours, with proper safeguards

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Children in the University of Pennsylvania; Surgeon, U. S. N. R. F. Seven-

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woman had a temperature of 102.5° before operation.

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after which feed once a day powder as recommended in treatment

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experiments of Welch, ^ in reference to the cause of oedema of the lungs, have

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have been done by Philadelphia surgeons. In one the

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Acute Nephritis. — This may occur at the onset — nephrotyphoid —

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ficially cooled by means of a water reservoir. He de-

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Stomach. — Mucous membrane of this vis'cus greatly congested — the stomach contained i

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against the gas bacillus and but slightly so against the

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the patients are generally hysterical or neurasthenic individuals who

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epidemic as it appeared in England, we shall find that it commenced

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the vague and meagre official bulletins, it must be appar-

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and should prove helpful to those who are especially concerned in the

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