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to. He admits that the benefit which follows venesection may sometimes

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extent fat meats and hearty food, and live upon rice and fruit. This

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forced open still, when the eyes themselves were found to

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" Human Osteology," " A Manual of Dissections," etc. In one imperial octavo volume

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ment consisted in applying the cold douche to all parts of the

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suddenly in many instances, and that a degeneration of the

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my mind whether intestinal amoebiasis is ever from the start a true

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side, so that the child might notice if he turned a piece over


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suffered any permanent injury to their digestion or their genefsl

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session of this Society will be held in Richmond on October iS,

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A New Method of Surgical Treatment for certain Forms of Retro-

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interesting medico-legal questions. To the public at

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Bacillus icteroides in every case of yellow fever; (2) the

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fruit is more truly wholesome ripe than green ; and I

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details of twenty-seven cases. The author stated that this

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was no detectable immunoreactivity for AFP in any of the

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themselves, either by personal inquiry or written certificate of compe-

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depuration (Jaccoud). It must not, therefore, be considered as a compli-

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deaths, of infants in this country are disquieting ;

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but, as a general rule, contagious diseases are communicable by

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prolonging the diastole, so that the ventricle becomes

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orbital, two ethmoidal, palpebral, three ciliary, and the central

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lobules are dense, resisting pressure, and sinking in water. The cut sur-

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Symptoms. — In one of the author's cases the first symptom (pro-

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