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notice any discharge from the urethra, but she afterward com-

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number is multiplied by 100,000 in order to obtain the number per cubic millimeter.

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has escaped the speculum is removed. If the patient is

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and remission now become distinctly marked. The exacerbation

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immediate complications than is possible in adults; but the remote

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of these affections). Anemia, without qualification,

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affection may remain stationary for a long i)eriod, its tendency is to

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diagnosis of patients, which cannot be settled without their

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and rather thin slices, season these highly with salt and

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him who has the courage to read it, and the capacity to under-

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rale is that orthopedic surgeons do not obtain this result.

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while the disease is active. This is really the most characteristic

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corpuscles in the vessels of an inflamed part is neither a constant

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EDWARD S. DUNSTEK, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Children.

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arytaenoid (not shown) it had been removed by the indirect method with

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anti-vivisection agitation arose, the meetings for the organisation

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of a blow or a fall. In these latter cases, however, there has probably been

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State, in which case he may remain an honorary member thereof during

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Practisers of Physicke in England" (1612) occur the

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Examination, at least four entire years in the acquirement of

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therapeutic measure in modern times, and finally presents the results of his

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externally ? Such would have been the treatment a patient, under

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that it provides necessary calories and amino acids for liver

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tometer, at 20° C. A description of this instrument, together with all

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the mother will be less exjjosed under this practice than when time is givea

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two hours he was much recovered. When I saw him next day, he was

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ing from the exudation and producing symptoms only mechanically by

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ment itself would apply the principle of selective draft to physicians as

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