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was administered, and reading carefully the clinical records, it

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chronic albuminuria ; had been out of health, unable to work,

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Purpura. — The skin condition has been mistaken for a typhus

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furic acid reagent until fading begins, depends on the

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erysipelas, idiopathic, 4, and traumatic, 10 ; gastritis, acute, 1 ;

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tests are performed by dissolving 0.5 gm of powdered

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The May meeting was held Thursday evening, the 10th inst,

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to successful infection. Thus rabbits will succumb to quarter-evil if, simul-

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destitution, therefore, does not in any way contradict the existence of the

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acid glycerophosphate substrate solution is used instead of the al-

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Proteus vulgaris, or staphylococcus be administered ; and the tetanus bacillus can

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the head, except when bacteriologic studies are required.

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acid that remains there. Let a little of the mercury

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(d) In a few conditions, including myeloma, kala-azar, and

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metric analyses only one standard, with 0.2 mg of sul-

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symptoms which indicate extreme nervous prostration, namely, sleepless-

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pressure from them stretches and relaxes the vaginal walls, and

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the nuld, simple anemia to the severer form. Anemia due to

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after the drop has lost the momentum of its fall into the

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also found in India and China. Laboratory diagnosis: sheathed

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mode of treatment for cases of heart disease and hypertension,

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sary dentist, — and that one hundred and seventy-one orders

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pulse may diminish or the pulse may entirely disappear. This

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of the present generation, relying on the strength of these

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This little volume of 105 pages should set a good example in the

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belong to the genus Leishmania and the genus Trypanosoma.

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during January and February, 1882, form the substance of this

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patient was not constipated. His appetite was good. There

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First Generation. — Immorality, depravity, intemperance, and

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portance of careful study, and such careful study is well worth

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much more gracious and liberal, to say : You have some truth,

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parents are alive and in good health. During the last six months

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the supernatant fluid with a pipette. This is a 1 to 5

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arteries were tortuous and slightly thickened and the radial

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checking with standards is desirable. A more significant ad-

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several types, a high OX-19 and a low OX-2, or elevation of both

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worker in the cause of homoeopathy, his executive ability being well illustrated in the

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back, and feet, and by auscultation the location of the fcetal heart.

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cultures are made on blood agar plates by streaking from

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(1) General. The addition of 25 units of penicillin and 40

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of the liver, kidneys, and spleen, as well as of the muscular substance of

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