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projections or tumors, changing their situation, and due, evidently, to an

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sharply to 1,000 cases on March 27 (maximum), fell sharply to 660

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The Surgery of the Liower Ureters.— Hugh H. Young ^

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{Nineiple which is capable of producing smallpox. In this disease there

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animals whose nature it is to cling for support to sub-marine

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As I sat writing this an evening or two ago, I jotted

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been first tried and had failed, recovered perfectly well.

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He fails to distinguish " sour," " bitter," or salt," but

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tends to follow in its extension the folds of the skin ;

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but no sooner is an act acquired than it is degraded from a conscious

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operation, 275; conception, 275; mother's love of offspring,

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ably produced by gastric and hepatic disorder. And in the latter

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H. C, male, twenty-seven years of age, has had rheumatism, scarlet fever,

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Harveiax Society, S p.m. Mr. Fairlie Clarke, " Svphilis as it affects the

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by the mouth, sometimes by the skin, as ointment or vapour,

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the cesophagoscope in these cases, in view of the present perfection of X-ray

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The long bones of the extremities are affected late in most cases, but may

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work depended upon the personality, experience, and diagnostic skill

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perchloride of iron may be advantageously 'might be practised, the whole substance of

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orbital exostoses, of which the literature furnished him only 7 cases.

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— namely, that these persons are less susceptible than sane people of the inju-

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and elongate, flatten or fragment its nucleus. The erythro-

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to an area of one square inch was scarcely equal to the fact.

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each of the 3 preceding weeks tuberculous diseases caused 33,

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or nodular. This treatment is by far the safest in persons

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and especially must one vary the angle of incidence of light upon the

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medical topography and statistics of Naples, and to the latter for a very good

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suffrage woirien are encouraged to assume the prerogatives

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Paralysis," and presented six cases, calling attention to the ob-

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argon and helium, and, until inore facts are forthcoming, it

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