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RUSSELL L. CECIL, M. D., Assistant Visiting Physician, Bellevue Hospital; Associate Pro-

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few diseases of the lungs in which it does not play a more or less important part.

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stance, that they may be clean shelled oiit, or else hanging from

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visits to the idol of his heart that thereby he had rendered his "room more agreea-

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measure, half-starved, and exhausted from excessive excitement and

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and left him still unwell on the 25th, when they both returned to

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establishing his insanity, in the scientific meaniog of the term,

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Dr. Hausmann gives an historical review of the researches hitherto

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tion of the effused fluids in the pleura. 8. It is possible to distinguish

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possible to do more than deal shortly with the history of genuine

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the deputation, that the whole subject should be examined into by a Eoyal Com-

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most important practical lesson of hygienic and prophylactic medi-

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cases the hand was very useftd. They show how much may

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Live temperately, and run not into consumption, is the advice of the author to his

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discovers in any organ elongated and fusiform cells with a staff-

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during the first period of treatment; mistakes due to overcaution

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out any convulsions, the patient gradually sinking into a quiet

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every case followed by perfectly favorable results. All patients to

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*' o . Penetrating wounds of the eye, and especially those which

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lumen of the tube from which the hyaline membrane had disappeared.

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consumption, setting forth the absurdity that enlargement of the heart is a favora-

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together, and getting rid of their blood by one efferent vessel

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watched closely from day to day. If the trial is not a success,

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No. 57. — Dr. Root, surrounded by distinguished persons.

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stantly and violently throwing about and twisting his whole body

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Deaths of children not divine dispensations 226 The sick should pray 241

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variably present. The presystolic Flint murmur at the apex is

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lential to salvation as prayers. While I cannot subscribe to the superstitions of

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of human life. What lady bonnet-maker or blocker will set the example ?

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happiness. Keep the blood pure and healthy, and do not lose the mechanical

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founded in London, and thl ing influence many thousands oi' females

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'■" :i1 organs, the -MM afterwards coi ived is thereby rendered unhealthy in

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wards inst^ of backwards when the instrument has been intro-

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ferred to as an example of this compensation. The children, especially of the poor,

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