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defined by the inequality of size in their wings, no less than the

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the Editors of the " Sentinel" have exercised toward? each other.

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recovery. Piegnatcy was excluded as an impossibility, on

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ooat, and an injection of the fibrous. In thrombosis, the wall of the

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liver. The third point was a partial engorgement of the capillary

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Gender incidence was equal. The most common organism

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author states that M. Paqvalin, of Abo, Finland, informed him that he had cut

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one eats an excessive meal of fat and lean meats, old

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famous by his researches into the domain of both surgery

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authorities the power to make it compulsory on other classe-

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the first twenty-four hours in Case 2, 3, 4 and 5. The excretion of

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out like an empty sail at each expiration, and the mouth was strongly pulled over to

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feeble flame of life into a momentary flicker, and directly after this fatal in-

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morbid condition wa.* i)resent, and which recovered more or

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These changes, which in the stomach of this woman required

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state of the face. Notwithstanding her condition the patient

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quarantine. N. Orl. M. & S. J,, 1899-1900, lii, 133-143.

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varying from 100° to 103°, falling to normal again

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painful. In moderate cases the fever ceases on the second day,

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within twenty to thirty hours after inoculation. By drying the

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wave of impulse extended down the inguinal canal to the

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and the latter is more often the cause than is generally

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of Berlin, the original discoverer of the bacilli tubercu-

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Caset of the sudden death of Infants in circumstances suggestive of

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waxy-looking lumps, not unlike a certain variety of casts of the tubuli

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