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changes that had taken place within. Suitable incisions were

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third eye, median eye, parietal eye, pineal eye; corpus

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that two-thirds of the cases could be prevented if we

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recovered without deformity or disability, but inoculation gave rise to the ordin-

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pox is often very prevalent, and is so at the present time. A

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little better than an old fool. But in giving medicines

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brood over a much benefited community. — Pittsburg

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dermatitis, as in other forms of parasitic disease.

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the air until every trace of ether has completely disappeared.

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h. A lesion placed so as to injure the anterior (inferior) region

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deprived my country of the fruition." It was Parkinson's professed

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Bradford, Jos. Morgan, Hide, Carpenter, Hopkins, E. S. N. Morgan, Pond. At

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weak. Facial symptoms disappeared twenty-four hours after

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having been reclaimed. One lady had gone very far. She then got a

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cred seal of classic age is not exempt from prying eyes

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appetite. " In the majority of cases of simple bronchocele,

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of hydrochloric acid was secreted. Yet the secretion may even be completely sup-

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symptoms, the continued temperature, the characteristic expectoration (if

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epithelium than that of the male urethra, and to their not being treated by

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ciated, and while the various groups of affections are separated from

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goes to bed at dark and rises with the sun, winter and summer, al-

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A correspondent writes us as follows. " Would it not be a good idea to

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especially for infants, has been treated in detail by the various col-

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