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which seem to correspond to the cells of the vesicle.
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Spinal Puncture. (4) Revnaud's Disease, (5) Juvenile Type
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therie fruste; bacteriologic diphtheria. (2) Fibrinous or pure diph-
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Eye, Changes in during Death, George Sterling Ryer-
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to an end, the septicsemia gradually cleared up, and the entire
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sider tha tthey are seldom free fix>m fever, and that their pleune are
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such additional delineation of policies as pertain to contemplated
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to continue in business will charge more than his neigh-
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moreover, it has no action whatever on the colon bacillus-
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stances, be very loud in proportion to the other condition pre-
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inflammatory or degenerative changes, acute or chronic as the case may be,
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mufcle, as it extends along the bone, fends up a duplicature or
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Ilavinij carefully examined the improved procepsen adopted in the
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what its existence may be more specially associated with. Whether
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Case VIII. — January 11, 1913. Duodenal ulcer. C. G., male, aged
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nose. The pain was paroxysmal in character, and while present
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der, and only when the circulation is controlled by
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to perpetuate and increase the dilatation of the cells, palliative remedies for
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London Hospital. In the last volume of Clinical Lectures
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rotating backwards, and even causes it to move continually farther and
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should extend to only a very small distance from it. After this,
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Finally, when the men are assigned to permanent organizations,
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his avocation in pantomime. Even though a patient in this condition
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typhoid fever means a short circuit between the alvine discharges of
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Ilinnoplysis. — This aceicloiit occurs in about 70 per cent, of all cases
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voured at first to pass a bougie through the track of the wound, but
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such a condition knows how much these little things
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Hugh Grant, aged seventeen years, farm labourer, admitted to
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Under 5 years of age, 25— between 5 and 20 years, 4 — between 20 and 40 years, 21 — ^Isetwoen 40 and 60

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