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College. In 1909 at the International Ophthalmological Congress in

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of the New York Homoeopathic Medical Society, and a member of

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Upon his return from Europe he entered into partnership

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*^ the general practitioners in Brooklyn, and much sought after

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foundation those therapeutical measures which shall lead to a

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of heart and broad sympathy were known to all. Dr. Dorr was born

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cord ; the place of sequestration, which act was accomplished

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and purposes is adherent, the bullet has travelled, piercing

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clear of snow. Our streets are mainly paved with stone ; and,

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spores or animal bioplasts, are matters of little moment : he can

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Dr. Hubbell was a member of several of the largest national medical

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Bowdoin College, graduating in 1864, and receiving the degree of

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The text of this really fascinating book is divided into forty-

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through their life-history in spite of any thing we can do ? Will

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vention of the resulting riots. Gen. Fry's dispassionate state-

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must have attained, in no small degree, to his own ideal of the

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of their number, and join in honoring the discoverer; said "dis-

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ments in every other line of high human endeavor — war,

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the first American edition, translated by Dr. Leigh H. Hunt,

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front row next to Prof. Daniel Brainard, when he delivered

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plete, the result of projectiles or of splinters. Besides, big

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correctness of the diagnosis. Thus, where there is monarticular arthritis de-

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The ointment should be covered with a thick layer of

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ant of La Fayette during the Bartholdi statue presentation

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prominent part, and been elected to responsible office and honor; he

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more complete in its social aspect, and it is well worth while for

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is not apparent. The profession is left to wonder if he has

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itself naturally into a series of epoch-making periods : 1. The

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sembled in clinic, " I have often pointed out to you the remarkable tendency to con-

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remedies whose efficacy they themselves had long taught and

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ration of remedies. How essential it is that the crude articles

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almost invariably does produce a decided and beneficial effect upon the disease.

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pound? a-s heavy :is the pjiieiu's body aftLT the removal uf

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