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and indolent, increasing slowly in every direction, and retaining its

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small intestine to the left, the ribs represented by the

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would be no sight from the operation. The rapidly blind in that eye. After 6 years of

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by the lobular divisions. The blood is contained in the areolar tissue as

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antiquated methods of quarantine hitherto resorted to, and the wisdom

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other. By these means the elec ric fluid can be conducted to any

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shattered the bone, breakiug off its upper extremity, and iuvolviug the

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dangerous operation of nephrectomy can and should be more

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suffering for several days" without appearing to be very

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may form at the sites of the needle punctures after removal of cancerous

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— Dr. Flashar reports the case of a eeventcen-ytar-old

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tive lymphocytosis — the color index is high. Macrocytosis and

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tremulousness of limbs, dry black tongue, want of control over the

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the swallowing of liquids and soft foods. But the swelling and

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Measures, J. W., High Street, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire

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creasing material prosperity. When Molyneux fancied that the

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Affecrions of the Eye Associated with Disease of Con-

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that By-Law was passed, very few persons in the Commonwealth were

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were opened by Drs. Scott, Doyle, and Donaldson and engaged in by nearly all

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the rest of the spine is extremely distort) d. The shape and

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Neuritis. — ^There were seven cases of this complication. In

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as rescued from the bodily ills that pester and kill so large a per-

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who have believed, or at any rate acted as if they believed, that the success of

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animals succumbed in an average of 92 days after inoculation. " He therefore

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for drinking purposes, and yet not in sufficient amount for cleanli

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domestic troubles. There were of such cases 58, or 15/), and

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hospital, March 15, 1921, complaining of having had asthma for

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diffosible stimulants, snch as ammonia, and alcoholic drinks, in quantities

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