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the first week she took by the mouth several times a day a teaspoonful of

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proportion and balance that have always characterized Prof. Fuch's treatise,

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we failed in former experiments to infect the white mouse, now proves

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ant medical journal in the world is now taken. As soon as these

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gas, nitrous osyd, nitrous and nitric acids, carbonic acid, water

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sation, or decompensation, should consist in efforts made toward

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suggested by the gentleman on my right. I feel that the organization

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A large venaesection will (as it were) leap over the disease

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ing from the outer border of the rectus to the outer

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year it was 107 per 1,000. In Stepney, under similar circumstances, it

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months later Dr. Vincente-y-Hedo published the results

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seen it having this origin in some cases of fever, with adynamic

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quently in men) of fine intellectual ability, conscientiousness

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1889. Baldy, John Montgomery, M.D., Professor of Gynecology in

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Orig. Memh. Cayley, William, M.D., Physician to, and Lecturer

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It was the common recognition of this fact in the pro-

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No. 241, The Therapeutical Use of Hydrochlorate of Kairine, by M. E

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says it was written " by the Editor" — labour is " .idvantageous to the public,

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is largely arrested before it reaches the pulmonary

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35-40. — de 'I'ejaila (A. G.) Consideraeiones hisl6ricas

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rence of a case of puerperal sepsis in the practice of a

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