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of gout and tendency to torpid liver. The eruption began on the

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ns. The point at which to make the opening is in the me-

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foooessively to the tongue, palate, pharynx, and sometimes to the

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H. V. Taggart, J. A. Hulse, C. E. Norris and A. F. Sippy, William Wey-

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The pains soon ceased. Diarrhoea set in, lasting for two or

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be to allow the dural sac, ventricles, and cisterns to be emptied of

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district ordered twelve diseased beasts to be slaughtered on

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the people in the infected communities submitted readily to vaccination,

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The use of the electric light in medicine now covers a

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Dr. Wilson : The only thing that I can say regarding the

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Causation. — Antemia is a frequent complication or result of many dif-

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chemistry. A lover of original research, he knew no rest, and

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S,M,.sor(fi=8n'o»rnWl Srv'^^AS-- * "-ost exceiient

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tient covered with a thick brown coating cracked and

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the beneficial effects of calomel, and we must wait for fur-

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Present illness : It was first noticed that the wrists were swelling

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disease the author is incredulous, and, though our own im-

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uterine bleeding. This was confirmed at operation. Six weeks

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Ao means so disagreeable as that experienced on entering into a cold bath. In

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