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fable the founder of the race of Ophiogeneis, a hero, was
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lobar pneumonia, and there were 8 deaths from fneumonia
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stand exposed to the air except while it is being used. The castor
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to give their influence to increase its circulation in the Southwest.
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from without ; so that the epidermis of a given species is usually
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to subdue it, or at least entails upon the patient long care and attention.
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colt should never be pushed forward to any excess, from
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the lower portion of the left ureter. Operation demonstrated a phlebolith
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1000 grams of water and injects 2 syringefuls of this solu-
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age, was admitted to the surgical wards of the New York
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of the present generation, wliich could be ol>tained,
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Urology: Age 31, University of Mississippi 1 970; American
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Samuel Thomson, like most reformers, has endured in our county of
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med. di Torino, 1898, xlix, 41; 61. — Osier. Fibro-glioma
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The treatment to be adopted, and the plan of regimen to be ob-
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Sonnenstoin'we had occasion to remark an ingenious mode
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been noted before the basins w r ere constructed. At the same
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saw him. The speaker was at present treating a case of abdomi
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Of course, that does not make so much difference. The health officer is
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tion of this water, and crumble down into a powder, which is
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normal babies were used in the test. In 85 cases where
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whether other stimulation would not be as effectual;
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Medicine, vol. v., No. 3, April, 1881, p. 136. Inserted here with the permission
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results when it was pointed out that the green fluorescence charac-
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other words, the Practitioner whose name is on the British

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