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death-rates. It seems, therefcn-e, that under the eondit,ions

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ham, 1 in Bolton, and 1 in Salford; 152 small-pox patients were under

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by the sodium chloride method, and the absence of viscosity

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covery, an astonishing one to me, that the idea of irritability

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ths Question of a Medical TarilT for the Towns of Maidstone, Rochester,

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haematin is further changed in the intestine, and appears to

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ing before the stain has been entirely removed from the red

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ciated cliaiiaes pointing to disturbance of liver function. Un-

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tenipt.- I am. Sir, your obedient servant, Malcolm Mcseill,

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and hence called it the "materia vitre coacervata." It was

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it not. unproiessioual of him to visit the patient, certify, and attend

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disease, the return of natural functions, as the menstrual in

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the size of a large filbert is found (see Figs. 1 and la). Over

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witcli, and Ruffer, etc., they were at present unable to say.

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pleted, and of which an abstract had already been placed in

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are by no means irreconcilable, and I propose briefly to re-

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the warm Agulhas current which washes the east coast of the

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ophthalmic house-surgeon, who attends to their wants,

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from the anus had all the characters of an intussusception.

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accept substantial benefits in the way of exhibitions, bur-

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Eye and Microscopical Specimens, Microtomes, New Physio-

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element some detail (perhaps purely local) not indicable in

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beauty as well as of scientific perfection. Around the walls

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contract between the guardians and public vaccinator, and,

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Dobson, Nuneaton ; Dr. J. W. Downie, Glasgow. (E) Mr. H. Evans,

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the Committee has decided that the time would not be

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plaint of parosmia was made by the patient, and the optic

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Pratt in the Mobili,satipii; Branch of the oflice of the Director- ■

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needles in the feet. The knee-jerks gradually disappeared

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country has many faults. It may learn many things from

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cipitate, and was poured into a small porcelain capsule, all particles

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himself can do this with his disengiged hand. The chin

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word of warning. When I have seen animals die in a few

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