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inches, for one of a larger size might do much harm by com-
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the want of sanitary legislation, and the necessity
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Milk is usually Pasteurized now by heating it to 75° C. At this
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running into the joint and dislocations of the carpal
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duction into ophthalmic surgery, and to Dr. J. Leonard Corn-
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to identify the affection. In extensive, traumatic cases this con-
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amnii at any time. Since last feeling foetal movements (?) foor
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forward parallel to their line of formation. When the fluid of the latter (hydro-
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the actual cause of death. Should this view be correct, it will
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the common devices for breaking up fevers at their access,
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Hunter “stayed with” her convictions as to what
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and has scnrcely had any experience in his profession
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and bodily and mental disturbance involved in reach-
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permanganate of potassium, in doses of two grains, given
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rence of a case of puerperal sepsis in the practice of a
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out distinction, might in this way be more usefully employed.
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too destructive or too rapidly progressive in type.*
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substances containing purin or nucleins, is to be regarded as evidence
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three on either side, are for the special use of patients, and are each respectively,
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of poisoning; nor of parasiticide medication, where-
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piece of economic charlatanism in history — the code of
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find it a difficult problem to satisfy the many claims.
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fact that the motion pertains to the way this report
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in itself; but liable to assume that new form of fever, wherever
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quently, the contents of the intestine are sanious ; and the
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sented to the Society last November, in which there

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